Private Financial Planning

Private Financial Planning ensures our clients are able to balance a wide range of priorities and lifestyles to meet their goals. Our practice is focused on high net worth Canadian families and business owners.

Our Private Financial Planning Process

Discovery Listening to what's most important in your life and understanding your goals.
Wealth Plan Designing a plan to help you prioritize and reach your goals.
Implementation Structuring your assets and portfolio according to your plan.
Monitoring & Reporting Scheduled updates and due diligence to ensure your plan is being followed.
Ongoing Management Integrating changing priorities to your plan.

Key Focus Areas:

Cashflow Management
Using your portfolio as a source of present and future income, with a focus on tax-efficiency in retirement

Investment Strategies
A full suite of portfolio diagnostics to assess goals, asset allocation, diversification, returns, benchmarks, and fees

Tax Management
Structuring your assets to minimize taxes

Retirement Planning
Ensuring a sustainable and long term retirement lifestyle 

Passing on your Wealth
Estate planning to ensure your legacy is managed faithfully

Business Succession Planning
Advice for business owners selling or buying a business

Corporate Planning
Making the most of your holdco and opco assets 

Charitable Giving
A personal giving plan to maximize the after-tax impact of your gifts

Risk Management and Analysis
Evaluating insurance policies to protect your assets, income, and loved ones from risk

Education Funding
Provide opportunity for children and grandchildren

Planning for Major Purchases
Structuring savings through tax-efficient withdrawals

Investment Education and Coaching
Financial literacy is the cornerstone of a financially successful life


We periodically accept new clients for Private Financial Planning.
Contact Ben Kizemchuk for information.

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